P 2 | Flaque

P 2 | Flaque


Is it the artists who direct the ball or the ball that directs the artists? Here is an original performance that will surprise you on many points! — Insititute Francais

A huge success in France and abroad, this original juggling act defines a new realm of circus. Flaque is a visually impresssive live performance mixing circus art, dance, mime and music. Performed by Eric Longequel, Guillaume Martinet and David Maillard, who seek to offer us something that is not already on YouTube

Companie Defracto, and award winning young company of jugglers with an ambition to develop a new language for live juggling act.

Name Flaque
Country France
Group / Artist Companie Defracto
Type French new Circus
Suitable for Children from 8 years old

With and by: David Maillard, Eric Longequel, Guillaume Martinet
Juggling: Guillaume Martinet, Eric Longequel
Music creation, staging: David Maillard
Artistic direction: Johan Swartvagher
Juggling choreography advice: Jay Gilligan
Lighting design: David Carney

**Flaque is one of the 2 performances part of The French Highlights, in a partnership with La Fête and The Embassy of France in Thailand,  Insititute Francais

Dates and Times
18 May 2018: 14.00
19 May 2018: 11.00
20 May 2018: 14.00
(+post-show talk)

Duration 60 minutes
Ticket Prices  Adult 650 THB / Children 250 THB
Venue Studio
Studio 4th floor, BACC
Seat 200 seats