The BICT Fest Forum will also host a series of insightful talks that will examine important themes and topics that complement the performances. This year’s speakers include Vanessa Silvy (Embassy of France in Thailand), Fiona Ferguson (Imaginate, scotland), Sineenahd Keitprapai (Crescentmoon Theatre), Babymime, and Thanupon Yindee,  ranging from a cultural attaché, a programmer and artists.



Topic : Creating Inclusive Platforms for Young Audiences

Fiona Ferguson, creative development director at Imaginate Scotland will share about the importance of developmental work at Imaginate that runs parallel with The Edinburgh International Children’s Festival. Using several case studies and projects, she will share how and to what extent inclusive performances can cultivate and inspire creativity in young people.

Speaker : Fiona Ferguson creative programme director of Imaginate, Scotland
Date: Sat, 19 May           Time : 13.00 (90mins)
Venue : Room 501, 5th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre



Topic : But what is the New Circus? 

The French Highlights at BICT Fest 2018 in Partnerships with the French Embassy and La Fete consists of two distinct New Circus performances from France: Flaque by Defracto, and Sarabande by Noémi Boutin and Jörg Müller. Vanessa Silvy, of The French Embassy in Thailand and former Head of Circus and Puppetry Arts at Institut Français Paris will shed light on the differences between the new circus and the traditional circus that we used to know.

Speaker : Vanessa Silvy (The Embassy of France in Thailand)
A week 1
Date: Sun, 20 May        Time: 11.00 (90 mins)
Venue: Room 501, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

B week 2 (same content)
Date: Sat, 26 May          Time: 17.00 (90mins)
Venue: Sodsai Pantoomkomol Centre for Dramatic Arts



Topic : Spotlight Thailand 

The forum will also provide a platform for two local companies, that was commissioned by BICT Fest 2018, to share about the works that they have developed over the past decade. Crescentmoon Theatre and Babymime are both reputable theatre companies that create works that appeal to young audiences and their families. These two companies will share their experiences and perspective on creating such performances in the context of Thailand.

Speaker : Crescent Moon Theatre & Babymime
Date: 26 May 2018        Time: 11.00 – 12.30
Venue: Room 501, 5th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre



Topic : Applying Circus Art in Communities 

Circus art can also be used as a tool in educational and community settings. Thanupon Yindee, a Chiang Mai-based theatre maker and a former Makhampom Theatre Group has incorporated theatre and contemporary circus skills in his work to empower local communities across Thailand. He will share with us his experiences with Circus on the Edge, a circus youth group from ethnic minority community in the Chiang Dao.

Speaker : Thanupon Yindee (former Makhampom Arts Space member)
Date: 27 May 2018          Time: 11.00 – 12.30
Venue: Room 501, 5th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre