Spent the weekend at Biennale Internationale des Arts de la Marionette 2019

in Paris, France

By Adjjima Na Patalung, Festival Director of BICT Fest

My dancer Yaun arrived, and my puppet artists Pascale, doing a demonstration at the event, and Carine met us in the evening for a performance. Watching Nathan Israël, Alice Laloy and Renaud Herbin’s works in a day … I felt spoiled. An incredible day, an incredible event, an incredible venue. Alice Laloy’s “Pinocchio(s)” – edgy, provocative and shockingly beautiful. I’ve not been blown away in such a way since kabinet k’s “rauw”.

Can’t wait to go back for more BIAM 2019, but it’ll have to be after our Nang Yai Project research and development workshop taking place all next week!

My residency at Cité Internationale des Arts is partially supported by The French Embassy Thailand, La Fête.

The third day into the week of the research development workshop “Nang Yai Project 1/5”

8th May, 2019

Thank you Philippe Burin des Roziers , La Guillotine for letting us use your amazing space. Also special thanks to Anne Contre for coming in to play her contra bass for us and Petrov Pusha for coming in to take photos and footage for us!

We are moving into the world of shadow today.

A hello (when a familiar face drops by!)

10th May, 2019

Thanks for coming in to play with us yesterday and for your creative input Thanapol Virulhakul! Wonderful food for thought indeed!

... and a goodbye

11th May, 2019

Bye for now Teerachai Yaun Thobumrung. Thanks so much for your creativity, skills, openness, sensitivity, commitment, hard work and the list goes on … but very importantly, your passion for the project! Always a joy to work with you. Good trip back to London! See you again soon!