At Teatro Testoni Ragazzi - La Baracca

in Bologna, Italy

By Adjjima Na Patalung, Festival Director of BICT Fest

I made it to Visioni 2019! Many Congrats for a successful festival!

I met Andrea Buzzetti and Carlotta Zini of La Baracca at Minifest in Rostov-on-Don last October. They were performing their wonderful work “Upside Down”. I’ve heard about Visioni before and it was such an opportunity to have met the two, who told me more about their festival and La Baracca’s work, and how both of their professions started off at that very theatre!

Coming to Visioni is like coming to a family home. Everything took place at the beautiful medieval theatre. Everyone at La Baracca took turns doing all the work required during the festival from welcoming guests, ticketing, stage managing, performing, leading panels, serving drinks, cleaning up dining tables etc. etc.

Unlike Visioni, BICT Fest has not got a home, as we have to work in different venues in BKK, and we operate differently in many aspects. However, what intrigues me is how La Baracca balances the festival work with the productions; new creations, touring, programming … This is purely because BICT Fest is also a (small) collective of theatre makers and we are trying to find this balance also.

The journey continues as the work for BICT Fest 2020 is progressing and also beyond!

Next – Krokus 2019 in Hasselt!

Production photos from Teatro Testoni Ragazzi – La Baracca and other sources. The rest are mine.